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2000 Minutes - Any Network
5000 Texts - Any Network
5000 3 to 3 Minutes
5000 3 to 3 Texts
12 Month Contract

£18.00 a month!

200 Minutes
5000 Texts
500mb Data

£25 M&S Voucher
12 Month Contract

£6.90 a month!

1000mb Data
750mb WiFi
FREE BlackBerry Mail/BBM
12 Month Contract

£21.00 a month!

500 Minutes
1000mb Data
Optional Tethering
30 Day Contract

£13.00 a month!

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How long are the contracts?
Contracts on offer are either 30 day rolling contracts or 12 months minimum term.
Do I get a phone with sim only?
No you don't get a phone with a sim only deal. You should reuse your existing phone.
Can I get Micro/Nano Sim cards?
Most networks offer Micro/Nano sized sim cards. You can specify the sim card size you need when you order. Virgin Mobile does not currently offer Micro/Nano sized sim cards.
If I want to cancel do I need to give notice?
All contracts offered here require 30 days notice to be cancelled. You cancel direct with the network.
Can I take my number with me?
Yes, you can transfer your number to you, further details are shown when you complete your order.
Are prices fixed?
Contract prices can vary, networks now advertise where contract prices can fluctuate during the contract. Check the details of your order for further information.
Do I get coverage where I live?
Most networks will show you what signal you should expect where you live. You can check this on the website for the network you are ordering from.
Can you help me? I have a question.
You can contact us via email and we will attempt to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please note we are unable to help with sim only deals outside of the UK.
Hello, welcome to The Sim Only Shop!

Welcome to The Sim Only Shop, your destination for finding the right Sim Only deal. With all the current deals from o2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three, Virgin and Vodafone available to view on this site we're here to provide you with all the latest and greatest deals in one simple to use site.

We've broken down our site by cost, features, contract length and network - and each of our pages has a simple table showing you all the various important features of the deals available. We've sorted these by cost per month initially and then by contract length. We've got unlimited call deals, unlimited texts deals and unlimited internet deals for all budgets - we hope you find our site helpful,

Have a look around, and thanks for stopping by The Sim Only Shop!

News from around the world of sim only...
Three go price cut crazy! - July 5th 2013
The One plan from Three, was already great value for money, indeed its been well promoted by us on the fact its one of the most feature reach deals available. So what do Three do to improve it? How about adding an additional 5000 texts and cutting the monthly price by up to £5?!?! That's what they've done - the 12 Month Contract has dropped to £15 a month while the rolling contract is now £18. Way to go Three!

50p bump in price :( - July 1st 2013
Vodafone seem to be working in the opposite direction to what we all want, they've bumped the price of the Vodafone RED product by 50p a month, now its going to cost £21, still good value, just 50p less so than before!

Size is everything! - June 23rd 2013
If you're a Galaxy SIII or S4 user you're going to need a smaller sim than normal, same goes for any Apple iPhone, where a nano sim is the you need. The only network which doesn't offer smaller sim cards is Virgin Mobile - but don't fear, buy yourself a cutter or if you're handy with a pair of scissors then you can cut it down as you need. Go sim only today and save big!

A lick of paint on the old girl - May 24th 2013
The Sim Only Shop has had a new lick of paint and a bit of housekeeping over the past couple of days, with new categories and a clearout of legacy deals. We're currently comparing over 65 deals from around the main UK networks and we'll be adding new offers over the coming weeks too!

Brand NEW T-Mobile Deals go LIVE! - May 8th 2013
T-Mobile have announced a complete refresh of the Sim Only deals they have on the market - a simplified range of deals with generous allowances and decent core features mean they offer a solid overall deal. With 12 month and 30 day deals on offer there is something for everyone from T-Mobile.  Go see the new deals from T-Mobile!

Orange SLASH Sim Only prices - May 7th 2013
Orange have slashed the prices on all their sim only deals - they've increased the allowances and finally offer something competitive in the market place! Increased allowances, simplified charges and easy to buy - go take a look today at the
NEW Orange Sim Only deals!

Orange LESS than Half Price Special! - April 8th 2013
Orange have a special deal on for the next 3 days (starts 8am 9th of April) and its an absolute corker! - Normally £26 a month Orange are slashing the price to only £11 a month! - a 12 month contract with 900 monthly minutes, unlimited texts and an ample 750mb of data. We're liking this approach from Orange, finally trying to compete in a big way in the SIMO market! Go get the special Panther deal!

About Us
All our deals are with the major UK networks and we offer them all unlike most sim only comparison sites which will only offer you those the networks want to promote or those which don't require them to update the website too often. Instead The Sim Only Shop check each and every one of their deals manually instead of relying on a automatic system, so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible deal for your needs by us showing you everything thatís currently available.
Sim Only Deals
The UK has one of the most competitive mobile phone markets in the world, and despite the recent global downturn its showing itself to be offering more for less at a time when the consumer is becoming as demanding as ever. In the UK most buyers go for deals where a free mobile phone is included with the contract, although this is one of the most expensive ways of owning a mobile phone given that you could be paying for it for 12, 18 or even 24 months. The networks use this contract term to claw back the price of the handset as well as some profit for the services offered to the buyer. As a result the contracts with a mobile phone are more expensive and more restrictive than sim only offerings on the market today.
If you already have a mobile phone which you are happy with and you are at the end of the contract then the best option is to switch to a sim only deal which will allow you to get more minutes, text and data than a contract with a phone. The terms are much more friendly too, with 30 day rolling contracts with only 30 days notice required to cancel or if you are willing then you could get even more if you commit to a sim only deal for a 12 month term.
Keeping your number is no problem too, when you sign up for one of the deals listed here at The Sim Only Shop then you will have the option of transferring your current number to the sim only deal you sign up for here. In most cases the phone you have is unlocked although in order to use it on another network there may be a lock which need to be removed (can be done cheaply online or at local shops). In most cases the contracts offered here are NOT available on the high street so you can save even more buy buying online through us.
Why switch to a sim only deal?
Its almost a guarantee that by switching to sim only you will get more for your money. You will also get much more minutes, texts and you may even get free internet too for less than you're currently paying. Given that contracts can last 30 days then you also get much more flexibility in your contract, being able to switch at a time that suits you and your budget. Talking of budget, if you find the sim only deal you buy isn't the right fit for your need or if you need more then you can call the network and change the deal you have. Sim only offers the user a flexible, cost effective and market leading alternative instead of tying yourself into a long term contract for a 'free' mobile phone.
Sim only offers you deals for specific phone types, such as iPhone's Blackberry's or Smartphone's too - ensuring that you get the best value for money from your mobile phone contract. With contracts offering 100, 200 or even 2000 minutes a month there is a deal available no matter how much you talk. What's more they usually come with around 3,000 free text messages too.
There are plenty of options available when you sign up for a sim only deal, if you want unlimited landline calls, unlimited text messages and unlimited internet access then there are deals for you on The Sim Only shop.


Latest News Update: Three go price cut crazy! - July 5th 2013
The One plan from Three, was already great value for money, indeed its been well promoted by us on the fact its one of the most feature reach deals available. So what do Three, do to improve it? How about adding an additional 5000 texts and cutting the monthly price by £5?!?! That's what they've done - the 12 Month Contract has dropped to £15 a month while the rolling contract is now £18. Way to go Three!

The Sim Only Shop is proud of the fact it hand reviews each and every deal regularly to ensure you are getting the best sim only deal available!

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